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Examples of software implementation for operational intelligence and energy efficiency

Smart Mall – Supervision of buildings, outdoor areas, interventions, visitor paths


Customer: Rocadest shopping mall


In partnership with JLC Consulting, supervision of the new 40,000 m2 retail complex, its annexes and outdoor areas (gardens, parking lots), using Building Management Services, cameras equipped with artificial intelligence and LoRaWAN sensors.


Numerous services have been implemented, including visitor counting, environmental management, temperature control, supervision of maintenance and cleaning services, ordering of consumables, and detection of incidents and incivilities.


A logbook also allows to track all events, to trigger interventions and to record them.

Challenger II demonstrator


Customer: Bouygues Energies & Services


Realization of the Smart City demonstrator in an operational environment for the supervision of energy, environment, mobility and security. Interconnection and piloting of sensors for noise pollution, air quality, mobility, security cameras, lighting, etc.


Collection, decoding, aggregation and correlation of data flows with display of indicators, interactive maps, real-time and historical graphs, camera flows, etc.

Packaged operator offers: management of 400,000 devices in Serbia


Customer: Telekom Serbia


Implementation in Serbia of a nationwide infrastructure to control 400,000 devices.


This solution based on Busit Application Enablement Platform and interacting with Actility ThingPark platform allows Telekom Serbia to build and distribute packaged applications for tracking, monitoring and security in the fields of city, building, transportation and agriculture.

Energy efficiency and production optimization


Customer: large group – roads


Energy and production optimization of bituminous plants by correlating the frames of existing automats with environmental and energy data collected by an average of thirty new sensors: natural gas, LPG and electric meters, on the unloading valve, temperature and humidity measurements, weather station, etc. Pilot project, then roll-out to 62 sites in Europe and Africa. Final target: 300 industrial sites and quarries.


Advanced analysis of the data collected, web and smartphone control applications, production of energy performance indices, reports, sending of Smart Data to business applications.


This solution is based on the Busit Application Enablement Platform and interacts with existing production automatons, data loggers and sensors.

Energy efficiency of construction sites


Customer: large group – construction


Optimization of the energy performance of construction sites based on the general consumption of resources of the entire site (water, gas, electricity, fuels, etc.) and of the main equipment by electrical measurement on the power supply cabinets.


Collection and cross-referencing of this information, calculation of energy indicators, management of alert processes and provision of dashboards in applications.

Supervision of water, outdoor areas, tolls


Customer: medium-sized enterprise – freeways


3-year framework contract for water management, weather monitoring, energy consumption measurement, supervision of toll areas and technical premises, shelter protection and wind turbine monitoring.


This solution is based on Busit Application Enablement Platform and interacts with existing and new (LoRa) sensors.

Optimization of lighting operations


Customer: large group – energy


Control of urban lighting in order to optimize the rounds of the maintenance teams.


Pilot project and creation of a “Smart Lightning” service offer with extended functionalities: light variation, meter reading, analysis dashboards by district, financial analysis for municipalities, automation of sensor deployment.


Telemetry in electrical cabinets, incident detection, advanced processing and analysis, historization, KPI production, preventive maintenance, dashboards, notifications and transmission of Smart Data to asset management.

Computer room supervision


Customer: medium-sized enterprise


Web and Smartphone supervision solution for energy consumption (metering and electrical intensity) of computer and air conditioning equipment, the state of hardware components by vibration analysis, environmental data (temperature, hygrometry, noise). Generation of alerts in case of incident and periodic reports.


This solution is based on Busit Application Enablement Platform and interacts with new LoRaWAN sensors deployed in the IT room.

Monitoring of environmental and traffic data


Customer: large metropolis


From Busit Application Enablement Platform, implementation of an environmental and traffic supervision application based on information from the Metropolis’ data warehouse.


Recovery, aggregation and correlation of traffic, air quality and noise level data, then real-time and historical visualization in supervision application.

Freight compliance monitoring (waste management)


Customer: medium-sized enterprise – environment


Field solution for collecting information on waste delivery to trucks, identifying vehicles and indicating compliance with standards and regulations on the movement of goods.


Integration of the final validation process of all operations and daily synchronization of the status in the CRM.

Pilot project for mobility monitoring


Customer: large group – transport


Monitoring of old trains to which RFID sensors of temperature, hygrometry, movement and opening have been added to optimize maintenance.


3-year experimentation project to validate the tools for optimizing the operation of the equipment.


Real-time control of RFID sensors for measuring temperature, hygrometry and vibration of components and production of dashboards and alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Supervision of the castle works


Customer: museum – castle


Monitoring of the castle’s rooms during their renovation to prevent deterioration of furniture and works of art. Archiving of all information collected, events and incidents for 3 years for legal and insurance purposes.



Real-time monitoring of temperature, hygrometry, vibrations (RFID sensors). Continuous analysis curves, alerts, daily reports, archiving and history of flows.

Metering and supervision of parking lots


Customer: large group – general services



Management of traffic flows and counting of spaces in the two parking lots of the headquarters by traffic analysis from infrared terminals placed on each floor, entrances and exits. Inventory of spaces and control of totems and displays.


Real-time supervision, notifications, occupancy statistics, dashboards and parking lot mapping.

Supervision of collaborative spaces


Customer: large group – general services



Rationalization of collaborative workspaces and in particular of the effective occupation of meeting rooms: correlation of meeting room occupation information via presence sensors with Exchange reservations.


Notifications, calendar updates, occupancy statistics, dashboards and room mapping, booking smartphone and Web applications based on QR-Code.

Management of consumables and interventions


Customer: large group – general services



Automate the replenishment of consumables from connected buttons. Supervision of requests, interventions and monitoring of service quality improvement.


Notifications, reports, statistics (requests, intervention times, service improvement), dashboards.

Tracking people and detecting runaways


Customer : medical home



Real-time monitoring of the movements of at-risk residents in the public access areas of the establishment (indoor location) to prevent them from running away.


Detection of passage in the delimited zones, telephone and e-mail alerts to the operating personnel.